A support network for early-stage creators
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Step 1:

Creator submits project proposal

Step 2:

IP is evaluated by internal curation team and external IP consultants

Step 3:

IP is accepted into our portfolio, should creators agree to investment terms.
If projects are rejected we provide substantive feedback for your review and evaluation.

aourz fund is the content investing engine of BingeBuilder. Creators working on early-stage IP projects can access $2,500 - $25,000 USD in equity investment to grow their projects.
  • Creators get your IP Projects funded.
  • $2,5000-$25,000 USD in early-stage equity investment.
  • Contact us for our Intellectual Property fund prospectus.
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aourz marketplace is a Web3 Intellectual Property marketplace offering collectible tier NFTs and securitized Intellectual Property ownership via aourz fund.
  • Web3 collectibles for fans to support creators.
  • New projects added monthly.
  • Marketplace powered by Bitski.
aourz works comprises the content production, audience management, technical consulting, and business consulting services provided by BingeBuilder.
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