1) Provide Access and Enablement:

Early-stage creators lack access to unified tools and services that synchronize audience growth, content expansion, and business model formalization, preventing them from achieving
creator-market fit.

2) A Tech VC not a VC investing in Tech:

Venture Capital is a services business and by utilizing technology to provide services we can create a moat from similarly situated organizations.

3) Diverse Creators are a 10 Billion$ overlooked SOM:

The most overlooked and easily acquirable high-quality IP is in the hands of Diverse Creators who simply lack access to the capital and services necessary to scale.

4) Creative IP is among the largest possible asset acquisition opportunities

creator economy and Web3 present the largest market opportunities due to the evergreen revenue potential of residuals and royalties.

5) Our skillset is particularized to ameliorate the problem:

As a team of diverse content creators, product builders, money managers, and legal analysts we sit at the unique intersection of subject matter expertise necessary to navigate the market.